The Opera of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarrelled with Ivan Nikiforovich
G. Banshchikov
Ivan Ivanovich — Dmitry Koleushko
Ivan Nikiforovich — Denis Begansky
The Woman — Alina Otyakovskaya

The State Academic Russian People's Ensemble "Russia" named after Lyudmila Zykina

Composer — G. Banshchikov
Librettist — M. Lobodin (after the tale by N. V. Gogol)
Music director and conductor — Dmitry Dmitrienko
Concertmaster — Marina Nikola
Set designer — Maria Pavlova
Stage director — Dmitry Otyakovsky

The premiere took place on December 21, 2020 at the Moscow State Academic Children's Music Theater Named After Natalya Sats.
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